Most of us want to change unwanted behaviors, even if the desire is very small. Wanting change is the beginning. Seeing ourselves as a changed person, going through life without the behavior, is vital to our long-term healing.

Working to Change Behavior vs. Seeing us as Changed

It has been my experience that most clients work to change their behaviors, but never actually see themselves as a changed person. In essence, they are not able to visual themselves being free from the behavior. Part of the reason it is difficult to envision ourselves without the behavior, is because the behavior has been with us for some time — perhaps years. In some cases, we have lived longer with the behavior than we have lived without it.

Use Visualization to see Ourselves without the Destructive Behavior

Visualization is a powerful way to redirect our minds and behavior. Often we get so comfortable in the acting out cycle of engaging in the behavior, feeling guilt, shame, embarrassment, depression and a host of other emotions, that this emotional roller coaster seems very normal. Ironically, it seems abnormal to feel good. To help break this pattern we need to picture ourselves feeling emotionally free from the roller coaster and visualize our lives being empowered with sobriety and healing.

Daily Visualization

Spending 10 minutes a day, preferably when you first wake up, visualizing going through your day without the behavior. Imagine your day with temptation all around you and even the desire to act on it, but walking through it. Picture yourself as a changed person. You go through the day in your mind covering each step of the way without acting on the temptation. Visualize yourself going to bed being free from the unwanted behavior.

Smaller Segments

If visualizing the entire day is too overwhelming, then break your day into small segments and just visualize until 12 Noon. Around lunchtime, you can picture the afternoon until supper. After supper, you imagine the remainder of the evening.

See Your Life Free of the Destructive Behavior

We certainly want the skills and awareness to change our behavior. But, we want to add visualization too. We need to see what our lives will be like without the behavior — See ourselves as a new person, full of confidence, self-love, direction and purpose.

© 2014 Rod W. Jeppsen