Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – We all experience stress because of life and issues we face. PTSD is much more intense. Often it occurs after we experience or witness a traumatic event. Examples include: Sexual or physical assault, natural disaster, war, automobile accident, and more. It impacts the ability of one to deal with daily life. It gets in the way of life because we often relive the experience again and again. These flashbacks often increase anxiety. Nightmares or uncontrollable thoughts about the event may also be experienced. We might avoid people, places or things, because it is a constant reminder of the event.

Therapists at Suncrest realize that someone with PTSD needs gentle care and help. We want to avoid any episode that might cause the symptoms of PTSD to resurface. Caring therapists at Suncrest will help diffuse the effects of PTSD, so you can get your life back.