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Take Our “Tech Cleanse” Challenge

by suncrest counseling

Dr. Mark Chamberlain’s Taping on KSL Studio 5 When does Social Media Savvy Cross the Line into Obsession? Cathy remembers the moment she woke up to the downside of her Instagram immersion. It was at her nine year-old daughter, Megan’s, soccer game. When everyone else cheered, Cathy looked up from her phone to see Megan […]

Cut the Access to the Drug!

Trying to change our behavior isn’t a simple task. Many times it’s just easier to admit that we have a problem and then not do anything about it. Often we can get loved ones, friends and even society off our backs by simply admitting, “I’m addicted.” Unfortunately, simply admitting that we are addicted seldom results […]

Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

by suncrest counseling
Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

You don’t need to be an authority on porn to be your kid’s primary resource on the topic. After all, you’re an expert on the two things that matter most — You unconditionally love your child and know them better than anyone else. Plus, you have deeply held sexual values. Without being an expert, you’re […]

iphone for Christmas, Be Responsible

Technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate with others. The days of writing letters, licking stamps, sealing envelops and driving to the post office seem like ancient history. With cell phones and other advances in technology, we have instant access to others and the world around us. When we hit “send” our message is […]

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