Suncrest’s Integrated Approach

At Suncrest Counseling our caring professionals are attentive to your unique needs and presenting problems. Our team consists of a variety of mental health clinicians who come together to provide an environment that can support almost all of your mental health needs. This enables clients in crisis to focus on healing instead of the potentially frustrating process of coordinating multiple providers and modalities of treatment.

Suncrest’s Comprehensive Assessment

Suncrest’s comprehensive assessment process will guide the customization of your care and help you determine which options best fit your unique situation. When additional supports are necessary, we can meet most needs in one location. No communicating information from place to place or coordinating multiple appointments in different locations. The goal of our team is to simplify your life and give you the support you need to heal. We take a holistic approach, seeking to integrate your care utilizing research-based best practices. This way all you need to focus on is getting better.

Suncrest Can Help

At times, we find ourselves in crisis. Life becomes overwhelming and we are unable to gain a sense of control. Without the right help, we find ourselves in a tailspin with little hope for relief. Suncrest Counseling provides individuals, couples, and families with that support.