Providing a higher level of care through our day treatment program.

Leading the way in treatment innovation, Suncrest Counseling fills the critical gap between typical weekly counseling, and inpatient or residential treatment.

Day Treatment provides a tailored, higher level of care, to accommodate your needs and help you set up for success. Your symptoms might warrant 9 hours per week for intensive outpatient (IOP), and other more severe symptoms may need 20 hours per week in our partial hospitalization program (PHP).

How Suncrest Can Help

therapy-counseling-in-utah-when-life-in-crisisAt times, we find ourselves in crisis. Life becomes overwhelming and we are unable to gain a sense of control. Without the right help, we find ourselves in a tailspin with little hope for relief. Suncrest Counseling provides individuals, couples, and families with that support.

Suncrest Counseling’s Integrated Approach

In a client-centric environment, the professionals at Suncrest Counseling help provide ways to simplify a life toward healing. Our licensed and trained mental health clinicians orient counseling and therapy around evidence-based interventions. With a day treatment team behind you we aim to provide an environment that can support almost all of your mental health needs. This enables a client in crisis to focus on healing instead of a potentially frustrating process of coordinating multiple providers and modalities of treatment.

Comprehensive Assessment

Suncrest Counseling’s comprehensive assessment process will guide the customization of your care and help you determine which options best fit your unique situation. When additional supports are necessary, we can meet most needs in one location. The goal of our day-treatment team is to simplify your life and give you the support you need to heal. We take a holistic approach, seeking to integrate your care utilizing research-based best practices. This way all you need to focus on is getting better.


Available Day Treatment Locations in Utah

Our day treatment program for IOP and PHP options is available in two Utah locations
Call us today – treatment can typically begin within a few days.

South Jordan (Headquarters)

1258 West South Jordan Parkway (10400 South), Suite 202
South Jordan, UT 84095
Call: 801-255-1155

American Fork Office

1062 E Bamberger Drive (220 South)
American Fork, UT 84003
Call: 801-642-2193


Questions and Answers About Day Treatment in Utah

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Suncrest Counseling’s out-patient day treatment program:

Q – Is this a standard day treatment program?

A – No! Suncrest Counseling’s day treatment program provides treatment for a wide variety of presenting problems while customizing the schedule to fit the client’s current needs. A client might attend treatment for just a week, or for several months; the schedule could include just two brief periods per week, or up to 4- hours-per-day, 5-days-a-week.

Q — What are the benefits of a day treatment program or outpatient care?

A — Each client may experience the day treatment program differently depending on the customized schedule to fit their situation. This flexibility in being able to maintain a work, home or school schedule, time to practice and develop skills, support of loved ones can be nearby, being able to maintain work, home or school schedules are just a few other benefits.

Q – What types of mental health conditions can Suncrest Counseling treat?

A – Our program treats most mental health conditions where the symptoms are interfering with life seriously enough to warrant a higher level of care. These might include: drug addiction, behavior addiction, severe depression and/or anxiety, PTSD and trauma, abuse recovery, suicide attempts/self- harm, relationship crisis, and more.

Q – What kind of treatment will clients receive?

A – Our unique program treats the whole person while offering intensive therapy. Clients might attend individual psychotherapy and group therapy specific to their situation. biofeedback, craniosacral massage therapy and Neurofeedback are also available options throughout the week. Neurofeedback treatment helps brain waves operate at their optimal level that can be beneficial for your treatment.

Q – What about the medical aspect of treatment?

A – With two medical doctors on staff, we are prepared to manage medications and supervise detox. In fact, many therapists refer clients to us just for medication management.