Legal System

Life happens fast and mistakes get made. Some of those mistakes may carry hard consequences. If this is your first time dealing with the legal system, then you are probably feeling overwhelmed and surprised at what faces you in the months ahead. You may have questions and concerns about how to navigate this maze. Suncrest Counseling can guide you through this tricky terrain.

Tell Your Story

An important part of this process is an opportunity to tell your side of the story. This is done through an assessment. Conducted in a confidential setting, a trained assessor will listen and help put your story together. This information, put into writing with recommendations from the assessor, is called the assessment and is submitted in court.

It’s common to feel that you have no voice in the courtroom. This assessment is your chance to speak up for yourself. When the judge asks you to complete an assessment, view this as an opportunity to talk with an assessor about what happened on the day of the arrest as well as other parts of your life that may have contributed to the event. Often, a judge requests an assessment to determine if counseling is a good fit for you, obtain recommendations from the assessor and to help you change your life. In most cases, if you complete counseling and fulfill probation, you’ll avoid jail time and other legal consequences.

You Determine the Outcome

Suncrest Counseling wants you to see your life as a movie and that you have the power to direct the outcome. We want to show you how to avoid certain behaviors and prevent future legal problems so the ending to your movie will be beneficial to you and your loved ones. Honesty during your assessment is critical since it will give the assessor the information needed to get your life back on track. Keep in mind that the assessment is designed to help you. There are many reasons behind the behavior that lead to the arrest. Once the assessment and treatment plan is in place, your assessor will be there with you until completion.

Another way Suncrest helps is by keeping the judge and/or probation officer informed of your progress. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and keep all the people supporting you (attorney, court, probation and counselors) on the same page. As you continue to be open and honest during your assessment, you’ll fully trust that your counselors really are here to aid you. The counselors at Suncrest have experience helping people that have been caught in the legal system and who need guidance to find a way out. We are here to support you during this difficult time in your life.


The purpose of a substance abuse or domestic violence assessment is to provide the courts with a recommendation for your treatment. When you come to Suncrest Counseling for an assessment, you can expect to meet with one of our therapists or interns for approximately an hour. You will discuss not only the incident related to your charge, but also get a more comprehensive picture of what else is going on in your life. Our goal is to make sure the treatment recommendation fits both the charge and your situation. We want you get the court requirements completed in a timely manner, so you can move forward with your life.

Presentencing Reports

These assessments are similar to the general court assessment. However, the recommendations Suncrest Counseling makes in presentencing reports are given to the judge before sentencing. You may or may not have to comply with our recommendations — it is based solely on the decision made by the judge at your hearing.

Domestic Violence Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

Suncrest Counseling offers a variety of options for completing substance abuse related treatment. We offer educational classes such as, Principles for Recovery and Prime for Life. We have traditional therapeutic addiction groups and also provide customized Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP).

Drug / Alcohol Testing

If the court requires drug/alcohol testing, Suncrest Counseling can provide the testing through another company. We will provide you with the specific details to contact the company.

Supervised Probation

If the court requires supervised probation, Suncrest Counseling can provide this service through another company. We will provide you with the specific details to contact the


Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that is often difficult to understand. Most people want to learn how to regulate it. Due to the confusing nature of anger, Suncrest Counseling helps clients better understand its origins, how to regulate it and what to do when it occurs. Offered in both English and Spanish, Suncrest’s four-hour Anger Management Class addresses the nature of anger and how to cope with it, as well as provides clients the opportunity to speak about how anger affects his or her life.

Prime for Life (DUI)

Prime for Life is a course often recommended for first-time DUI offenders. Offered once a week for four hours, Suncrest Counseling’s Prime for Life divides its curriculum into four classes, for a total of 16 hours. To obtain a certificate of completion, all four classes must be attended. Presented in both English and Spanish, the course teaches clients how to make smart drinking choices, what it means to abuse alcohol and/or drugs and explains the nature of addictions.

Thinking Errors

The way we think, often affects our emotions and behaviors. In many cases, people find themselves in trouble due to thinking errors, yet are unaware of how their thinking led to their decisions. Offered in both English and Spanish, Suncrest Counseling’s four-hour Thinking Errors Class examines how thoughts affect our emotions, and lead to undesirable choices and behaviors. We also study common thinking errors and learn how to manage unwanted thoughts.

Retail Theft and Other Misdemeanor Offenses Class

The Retail Theft and Other Misdemeanor Offenses Class is designed to help clients see that thoughts, feelings and behaviors impact their decision making. In this class, we focus on the timeline that occurred prior to the charge and any triggers that may have been present.  Whether it was a theft or another misdemeanor, Suncrest Counseling helps clients realize how they may have justified, rationalized or used another thinking error to engage in the offense. Offered in both English and Spanish, the four-hour class gives clients an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings behind their charges.

Electronic Monitoring

We outsource to company that provides electronic monitoring for clients who need extra accountability while on probation. This device, which attaches to the ankle in the form of a bracelet, is sometimes called “ankle monitoring.” The bracelet contains a Global Positioning System (GPS) to track and monitors the client’s location. This ensures the client only travels to authorized locations at designated times.