Grief and Loss

If you have experienced a significant loss, you quickly realize that there is typically nothing people can say that will make you feel better.  The loss of a loved one can consume nearly every thought and feeling that you experience making it seem impossible to ever be yourself again.

Mixed Emotions

Painful feelings of guilt, sadness, anger, loneliness and hopelessness can dominate you as you are constantly reminded that this person is no longer in your life.  The beautiful, yet painful, reality is that you may see that person in every part of your life, reminding you what you used to have, but now lost.  However dark and hopeless your grief may seem, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Acceptance of Loss / Feel the Feelings of the Loss

Acceptance of losing someone you love is the beginning of healing.  Acceptance allows you to begin to feel the feelings from the loss.  It means to be more compassionate with yourself.  It means to not resist, but begin to heal. By inviting more awareness into your thoughts and feelings, you can begin to manage the negativity that may occur after a loss.  This can help you find great meaning from your struggle and realize your own inner strength.  Although you may still always miss your loved one, you begin to be motivated to live for this person and not just without them.

Grief and Loss, a Possible Anchor

The healing power of recovering from a loss can refine and shape you to be more complete and whole.  Grief and loss can provide an anchor to your soul that you didn’t realize was there. Many people have mentioned an ability to still feel close to their loved ones after they have passed.  Finding meaning in loss and suffering doesn’t erase the pain of the loss, but can provide a powerful reason to continue to move forward and feel that person’s love and presence.

© 2015 Corey Christensen