Living with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) means it is often difficult to be organized. Some may avoid things that require prolonged mental exertion, spend a great deal of time searching for lost items, or even struggle to listen or carry out instructions. The mind may be drawn to irrelevant sensory input and fail to attend to important details causing careless mistakes. This can seriously impact your sense of self, success at work, or relationships. At Suncrest Counseling, we seek to help you learn about the symptoms of ADD and the impact they have on life. We highlight your strengths and provide you with the tools that allow you to live with ADD. Having an assessment from one of our Nurse Practitioners can help you to determine if medication is an option. Neurofeedback has research that shows some ADD symptoms can dissipate over time. You can learn to live with the remaining symptoms through the help of caring therapists, Nurse Practitioners and by taking an active part in creating a customized treatment plan.