There are times when we find our marriage in crisis. Having this close attachment threatened can bring up some intense emotions and lead to distress. The uncertainty of not knowing what to do or where to turn can be overwhelming. At Suncrest Counseling, we offer Day Treatment Marriage Therapy that can bring immediate support and direction to your life. Our Day Treatment Couple’s option is designed specifically to fit into your schedule. Often there are individual concerns and issues that need to be addressed. Our personal evaluation and assessment will determine a treatment plan specific for both individual and spousal needs. Plans include individual sessions, which are used to focus on areas that are important to each person; As well as marriage sessions, where couples learn how to break negative cycles, eliminate distress and reestablish an emotional connection. Marriage sessions are with a therapist trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and often last 90 minutes. Most couples, after meeting with several therapists, choose a therapist to continue working with for their follow up care.