Anxiety can be debilitating. It often pulls you out of daily activities and robs you of life’s simple pleasures. Often, in attempts to deal with anxiety, you end up utilizing coping strategies that are either no longer useful or prevent you from a fully functioning life. At Suncrest Counseling, we work with clients who struggle with anxiety, help you find hope and discover new skills that allow you to move forward. A team of therapists will work in conjunction with a Nurse Practitioner to address concerns from multiple levels. You will have the opportunity to explore emotional concerns, physiological symptoms and utilize Neurofeedback Training to improve brainwave patterns. Your treatment plan is designed specifically to meet your needs. Your team of therapists has access to your plan and will work together to help you accomplish your short- and long-term goals. Group Therapy is often part of treatment and provides you with the opportunity to practice skills discussed in individual sessions in a safe environment. It also helps you realize that many of your feelings are normal and part of life.