Suncrest Counseling is a state-licensed, substance-abuse treatment center. Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances. In some cases, individuals consider it “socially acceptable” since it is legal. Due to its prevalence in everyday life, it can be difficult to come to terms that drinking has become a problem and, in fact, may ignore that alcohol is a highly-addictive substance that can be extremely difficult to stop. Understanding and identifying whether your drinking has become a serious issue and being honest with yourself, is the first step toward the path of recovery. Often times, people may drink to deal with overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety or depression. The reality is your drinking may be a dangerous fix to numb or cover up feelings that need to be addressed. Suncrest Counseling realizes that people are not the same and what may work for one client, may not work for another. Therefore, we write a customized treatment plan that is tailored around your needs and goals. Your treatment may incorporate several components, including structured group and/or individual counseling, neurofeedback, and addiction medication management. You can choose the frequency for the counseling; some clients come daily, others come once a week. We have a talented staff that offers a multi-dimensional approach to offer you the best therapy for your alcohol addiction. We want to help you along your journey to sobriety through support, empathy, compassion and exploration, so your life, once again, has meaning.