Pain killers, often times known as opiates, are narcotics derived from opium or opium synthetics. They are the easiest drugs to get addicted to since most of them are pain relievers. This class of addiction is extremely dangerous, whether prescribed or obtained elsewhere. Individuals develop a tolerance to painkillers, which requires them to increase the dosage to get the same effect. Over time this increase can lead to physical and psychological harm. Often times, individuals who suffer from addictions may not realize how out of control their addiction has become until serious consequences occur. Let us help you before you reach that point. Suncrest Counseling is a state-licensed, substance-abuse treatment center that wants to help you along this difficult journey. Upon meeting with our clients and listening to their story, we formulate a customized treatment plan. Find the courage to take control of your life by seeking help and reaching out to Suncrest for support.