Cocaine is a highly addictive, central nervous system stimulant. The second most abused illegal drug in the U.S., statistics show that almost 90 percent of cocaine users began using alcohol and/or marijuana first. Cocaine is addictive due to the quick-acting euphoric feeling users experience. Though the user may be experiencing euphoria, there is actually an increase in one’s body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate.

Like most drugs, users develop a tolerance and need to consume larger amounts of cocaine to get the same feeling they experienced when they first started taking the drug. Users run the risk of heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, seizures, abdominal pain and nausea. Cocaine is extremely addictive and is difficult for the user to predict or control the desire to continue using the drug. Through continual use, addicts often times become people they don’t even recognize. It is common to experience a wide array of erratic behavior including extreme agitation and anxiety. Symptoms of cocaine use can include severe mood swings, insomnia, paranoia, lack of appetite, delusions, visual and audio hallucinations, and violent physical behavior.

Suncrest Counseling can help. As a state-licensed substance abuse treatment center, we can customize a treatment plan to help you recover from Cocaine. Also a state-licensed Day Treatment facility, Suncrest can provide an intensive program where you can attend counseling each weekday.