3-Days Live, Real-time Training

March 21-23, 2024

Dr. William Bumberry presents this Gottman Level 3 practicum workshop. Participants examine videotaped cases of couples brought in by workshop colleagues. These are used as teaching tools to deepen your understanding of when and how to use various Gottman Method interventions, and how to replace destructive patterns with meaningful interactions.

live-ce-training-psychologists-social-worker-counselor-mental-health-ce-certificateApproved for up to 20 CE Hours (Live Format)

approved-continuing-education-provider-NBCC_sealCounselors – Approved for 20 CE Hours, Suncrest Counseling P.C. has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7258.
Social Workers – This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval #886691963-3582) for 20 continuing education contact hours.
Marriage and Family Therapists – This program is Approved by Utah Association of Marriage and Family Therapy for 20 CE Hours.
Phycologists – 20 CE Credits Approved. Suncrest Counseling is an approved provider of the Ohio Psychological Association – Mandatory Continuing Education program, provider #562578009

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Spots are limited! Dr. Bumberry provides a high level of engagement throughout this training. To provide this high-touch personal coaching during group role-play and practices, the number of spots available is limited for even online formats.

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Training Summary

In a small-group setting, you will have the opportunity to practice and refine your use of Gottman Method therapy and receive personalized guidance in developing a roadmap for making sound clinical decisions.

The Level 3 Training content represents the true resistances and co-morbidities we face as therapists and how we can transform them into effective healing methods for the couple.

The workshop is structured to help create a safe and secure environment so participants can learn and practice while feeling free of criticism and negative judgment.

What is learned in Gottman Level 3:

Building on the knowledge obtained from Level 1 Training and Level 2 Training, you will master how to effectively use the Oral History Interview during a couple’s assessment and understand its implications. You will learn how to clearly explain to a couple their strengths and challenges in terms of the Sound Relationship House, and how to help partners identify their own “Four Horsemen” and understand the antidotes.

You will learn how to select and utilize appropriate tools to help a couple deepen their Friendship System. You will learn how to clarify a couple’s conflicts in terms of solvable, perpetual, and grid-locked problems, and use the “Dreams Within Conflict” technique to help a couple feel hopeful and to achieve break-through with their perpetual conflict.

You will learn how to successfully intervene when one or both partners are flooding, help a couple reach solutions using the Compromise Ovals intervention, and sensitively intervene when co-morbidities are present. Click here for the Level 3 preparation checklist.

Advantages of attending this training LIVE:

  • Complete the training in three days without interruptions that prolongs self-study formats. Reduce distractions and attend a learning environment set to focus on learning.
  • Master your clinical skills. Practice role-plays and review videos with other therapists to improve skills learned from Gottman Method training. (For remote format, there are live breakout groups in virtual rooms where Dr. Bumberry will join).
  • Coaching from a Master Gottman Trainer. Dr. Bumberry will join each role-play group to provide you with real-time feedback (This is valuable to learn where improvement is needed and ask for guidance.)
  • Dr. Bumberry is also a couples therapist. Learn how he applies these methods to get his couples to do the work, move past agendas, and apply techniques to respond effectively in session.
  • It provides self-care and rejuvenation to do something important to you.
  • Interact with other therapists and expand your professional network.

Learning Objectives

NOTE: Completion of Level 1 Training and Level 2 Training is required, as well as a master’s degree, doctoral degree, or current enrollment in a graduate program within a mental health-related field is required. Therapy experience is highly recommended, but not required..

After this training, you will be able to:

  1. Choose an intervention that is appropriate for the clients at the moment.
  2. Recognize the Four Horseman when one member of a couple exhibits that behavior.
  3. Stop the couple’s dyadic interaction when one member exhibits one of the four horseman. Describe the Four Horseman to the couple.
  4. Explain the antidote to the relevant horseman clearly and accurately.
  5. Coach the person with an alternative way to express him- or herself using an appropriate antidote.
  6. Re-direct the couple to resume communication in a dyadic way. Continue to monitor for the four horsemen and intervene if they reemerge.
  7. Identify when one or both partners are physiologically flooded (and not just upset) and stop the interaction between the couple.
  8. Provide a brief explanation of flooding in clear, sensitive language.
  9. Intervene by guiding one or both partners through a relaxation technique before continuing.
  10. Explain the Dreams Within Conflict process and goals clearly.
  11. Instruct couple on the Dreams Within Conflict intervention.
  12. Assist one partner to ask the other partner questions about the dream or deeper meaning imbedded in their specific gridlocked issue.
  13. Provide The Dream Catcher Questions handout and coach one partner to ask the other questions from the handout to increase understanding of their partner’s underlying dreams or deeper meaning embedded in the specific gridlocked issue; help the couple hold to the questions to go deeper vs. getting into their own point of view.
  14. Introduce the concept of softened start-ups and explain why it helps (i.e., it is easier for their partner to hear and understand their point).
  15. Explain research showing that the first three minutes of a discussion predicts whether that discussion will go well and whether their overall relationship will go well.
  16. Explain importance of expressing needs in positive terms and instruct the partner to restate their point without criticism and then direct them to resume dyadic interaction.
  17. Stop couple’s interaction when one or both partners are not accepting influence.
  18. Explain the need for accepting influence (which may include reference to research). This includes finding a way to understand and honor some aspect of their partner’s position, with a focus on yielding and accepting influence rather than on persuading.
  19. Stop couple and instruct in the concept of offering and accepting repairs and why it is useful.
  20. Provide the Repair Checklist and explains it use.
  21. Ask appropriate Gottman Oral History questions and stay on track with sensitivity to couple’s issues and building rapport.
  22. Conduct Oral History interview with appropriate timing.
  23. Conduct Oral History interview with sensitivity to issues of co-morbidity.

Video Participation

Participants are asked to bring a short (approximately ten minutes) video segment (on DVD or USB thumb drive) of difficult and challenging couples to the Level 3 Training. The therapist’s work with the couple will not be critiqued. In fact, the video does not even need to show the therapist, just seeing the couple is all that is needed.

The purpose will be to use these couples to illustrate how the Gottman Method can be applied to these tough cases. The trainer(s) will describe how they would treat these couples and then participants from the audience will volunteer to role play these couples with the trainer(s) demonstrating using a variety of interventions with these couples. Participants will then have the opportunity to practice using these interventions in a supportive small group setting with other participants’ role playing the couples from the videos.

Bringing a video tape isn’t required, but it will help make the training more meaningful for everyone. If you cannot bring a taped segment, it would help to bring a brief written description of a challenging couple for the same purpose. This is for Case Discussion within the context of Certification Practicum ONLY and is not related to the videotaped interventions submitted for final Certification Review.

The Gottman Institute is not able to support the following video formats: Mini DVD’s, “High-8,” alternate or nonstandard international formats, such as “Super-8.”

What’s Included in the cost of the event

Included in the registration price is a clinical training manual, which contains the core Gottman Method Couples Therapy assessments and interventions. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from The Gottman Institute.

  • 200+ page digital Level 3 Clinical Training Manual
  • Certificate of Completion for Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 3 Training upon completion of the event
  • Eligible for up to 20 CE hours (contact trainer for details)
  • Eligibility to continue on to the Certification Track

3-Day Schedule will be posted soon (Times in MST)

Order Subject to change AM and PM Coffee, Tea, Beverages, and PM snack will be provided
7:45 am: Check-In
8:30 am: Begin Training
10:15 am: 15 Minute Break
10:30 am: Training
12:00 pm: 75 Minute Lunch Break (On your own)
1:15 pm: Begin afternoon Session
2:45 pm: 15 Minute Break
3:00 pm: Training
5:00 pm: End day

Day 2 & 3

Run of events subject to change, AM and PM Coffee, Tea, Beverages, and PM snack will be provided
7:45 am: Check-In
8:30 am: Begin Training
10:15 am: 15 Minute Break
10:30 am: Training
12:00 pm: 75 Minute Lunch Break (On your own)
1:15 pm: Begin afternoon Session
2:45 pm: 15 Minute Break
3:00 pm: Training
4:45 pm: End Training

About The Presenters:

William-Bumberry_PhD - Master Gottman Trainer

William Bumberry, Ph.D.,is a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience working with couples. He has been with the Gottman Institute for nearly two decades and is a Senior Certified Gottman Couples Therapist and Master Trainer. He presents Gottman professional training in and outside the U.S. and has been a featured speaker at numerous workshops and conferences, including The Evolution of Psychotherapy and the Psychotherapy Networker. Dr. Bumberry is passionate about helping clinicians bring the Gottman Method into their life’s work, “making the world a better place — one couple at a time.”

In addition to his expertise in the Gottman Method, Dr. Bumberry integrates elements of Emotion-Focused Therapy into his work and teaching. He has trained with or hosted many of the pioneers in the world of Family Therapy and Systems Therapy and is a member of the American Psychological Association. For many years he worked closely with Dr. Carl Whitaker. He is co-author of Dancing with the Family: A Symbolic-Experiential Approach, A Different Kind of Caring (video production), and Reshaping Family Relationships: The Symbolic Therapy of Carl Whitaker. Family Relationships: The Symbolic Therapy of Carl Whitaker.

Intended Audience & Prerequisites

This training is for psychologists, social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), professional counselors, addiction counselors, and other mental health professionals. Completion of Level 1 Training and Level 2 Training is required, as well as a master’s degree, doctoral degree, or current enrollment in a graduate program within a mental health-related field is required. Therapy experience is highly recommended, but not required.



Gottman Level 3 Training | 3 Days with Master Gottman Trainer Dr. Bumberry

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Recommended Readings

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Continuing Education & Course Completion Requirements

Each state has different regulations for CE credits. Please check with your state board to ensure credit will be applicable to your needs. The CE sponsors and program organizers are not to be held responsible in the event that your state board will not accept credit. Check back frequently as new CE Unit Approvals may be added leading up to the event.

Live remote (Zoom) training attendees will be required to sign in and out each day, at breaks, attend the workshop in full, and complete the course evaluation in order to earn Live CE credit. Online participants must complete the course in full and attend all sessions in order to receive ANY continuing education credit. No partial credit will be given. Attendees should complete all required steps to earn CE credit within 30 days after the conclusion of the workshop.

Approved for Live Format CE Hours

NBCC –Suncrest Counseling P.C. has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7258. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Suncrest Counseling P.C. is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs. ACEP No. 7258 20 CE Hours
Social Workers
NASW –This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886691963-3582)) for 20 continuing education contact hours. #886691963-6452 20 CE Contact Hours
OPA-MCE – Suncrest Counseling is an Ohio Psychological Association – Mandatory Continuing Education Approved Provider. Provider #562578009 20 CE Credits
Marriage & Family Therapist
UAMFT – This program is approved by the Utah Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Approved 12/20/23 20 Credit Hours
Completion Certificate
If your association is not listed, Suncrest can provide a certificate of completion for this workshop for participants who completed the full workshop, attended each session, and also completed the evaluation survey within 7 days of the training. Certificate will be for 20 CE Hours

*Disclaimer: **Information obtained in this course should be used within your scope of practice. **It is your ethical responsibility to report accurate hours to your licensing board.  If you require a copy of the evaluation for CE purposes, please print at the time you take the survey.

ADA Accommodations

If you have any special requests or require particular ADA accommodations please email events@suncrestcounseling.com with the subject “ADA Accommodations”. We’d be happy to fulfill your requests.

Event Inquiries

Please email events@suncrestcounseling.com for questions about this seminar, certificates, CE Hours, or other CE event information.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We understand, life happens!

Cancellations must be made in writing and emailed to events@suncrestcounseling.com and will be honored as follows:
Suncrest is happy to offer refunds to registrants of both live and live-online trainings who cancel their registration up to 21 days in advance of the course or workshop start date, minus an administrative processing fee of $75. If canceled within 10 days before the event, no refund will be issued. In some cases, a credit for the same amount can be applied toward another future learning event, which expires within 1 year.

In the rare case that we need to cancel an event due to circumstances beyond our control, we will make every effort to notify attendees with as much advance notice as possible. Attendees will be given the opportunity to attend the event on the new date or transfer tuition to another event.

We don’t provide refunds due to:

Attendee technology problems:  It is the responsibility of the webinar attendee to test their computer setup prior to the start of the webinar. If a technical failure at your home or workplace prevents access to the live webinar, you are not eligible for a refund. If the technical problem is due to our error, we will consider issuing a refund. Access to the recording of the event will be available for up to 60 days, though live attendance is required, with a post seminar evaluation to earn CE credits.

Attendee email issues:  Refunds will not be issued in cases where an attendee did not receive the webinar login instruction email due to issues like restricted emails, bounced emails, or any other system issues. It is the attendee’s responsibility to contact us if they don’t receive the required login information at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the webinar
No shows:  Registrants who do not attend or participate in the live seminar in-person or online will not be entitled to a refund. All registrants are given access to The Gottman Institute Level 3 training module and can review videos, print off assessments, and complete a self-study course and quizes to receive CE credit. For events that are recorded the video will be available a few weeks following the event and available for up to 60 days – live attendance of the complete program is required for CE credits where Suncrest Counseling is the provider.