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Led by Anna Lembke, MD

Mountain America Expo Center or Live Online
9575 State St, Sandy, UT 84070
8:30am-5:00pm MST (7:30am PT, 9:30am CT, 10:30am ET)

Program Overview

Dr. Anna Lembke, a distinguished psychiatrist and addiction medicine expert. With her practical, science-informed approach, she will take you on a journey through her DOPAMINE framework, unveiling powerful strategies to help both you and your clients navigate the age of overindulgence. Prepare to demystify the complexities of compulsive behavior and unlock the keys to lasting change in this one-of-a-kind workshop.

Each registration to Dr. Lembke’s course will receive a copy of Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence
(Dutton/Penguin Random House, August 2021)

CE Approvals – 6 CE Credit Hours

Social Workers – NASW
Social Workers – NASW New Jersey
Counselors – NBCC
Psychologists – OPA-MCE, UPA
Marriage & Family Therapists – UAMFT
See approval details below

About this Program

We are in a time of unprecedented access to high-reward, high-dopamine stimuli: drugs, food, news, gambling, shopping, gaming, texting, Facebooking, Instagramming, YouTubing, and tweeting. The increased numbers, variety, and potency are staggering. As such, we have all become vulnerable to compulsive overconsumption. Yet, it is possible to find contentment and connectedness by keeping dopamine in check. Dr. Anna Lembke provides a practical, science-informed approach to addressing compulsive overconsumption of everything from food to sex to video games, using a framework captured by the acronym DOPAMINE.

Quotes from Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence by Dr. Anna Lembke

Human beings, the ultimate seekers, have responded too well to the challenge of pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain. As a result, we’ve transformed the world from a place of scarcity to a place of overwhelming abundance.

By protecting our children from adversity, have we made them deathly afraid of it? By bolstering their self-esteem with false praise and a lack of real-world consequences, have we made them less tolerant, more entitled, and ignorant of their own character defects? By giving in to their every desire, have we encouraged a new age of hedonism?


Target Audience

The program content is tailored for mental health professionals, including social workers, mental health counselors, SUDC counselors, psychologists, and marriage & family therapists. The instructional approach is designed to benefit individuals at various skill levels, from beginners forward. Attendees from professions not eligible for CEs under the approved associations can request a Certificate of Attendance. See CE approval details below

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Earn up to 12 CE Credit Hours – Bundle 2 Days!
Join Jenna Reimersma the following day April 19, 2024
All Parts Welcome: The Transformational Power of the IFS Model

$309 to Attend both days live
in-person or live online

Educational Objectives

dr-anna-lembke-bio-dopamine-nationLed by Anna Lembke, MD
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Learning Objectives
At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Analyze the type, quantity, and frequency of common substances and behaviors to enhance client awareness
    and facilitate data-informed risk discussions.
  2. List the underlying motivations driving clients’ behaviors and assess the disparity between their intentions and outcomes.
  3. Explain the neurobiological mechanisms involved in processing pleasure and pain in the human brain.
  4. Describe the dopamine fast and explain the scientific concept of hormesis—controlled discomfort to counter addiction-related issues.
  5. Plan a dopamine fast as an intervention for clients.
  6. Explain radical honesty as a way to strengthen the prefrontal cortex and promote a mindset of abundance.
  7. Plan for discussions with clients regarding abstinence versus moderation so clients can set goals and make informed decisions about their consumption patterns.
  8. Develop a detailed plan for consumption that will guide clients in their consumption patterns until their next visit.

Book Included in Registration!

new-york-times-best-seller-dopamine-nation-dr-anna-lembke-free-book-with-registrationThis book is about pleasure. It’s also about pain. Most important, it’s about how to find the delicate balance between the two, and why now more than ever finding balance is essential. We’re living in a time of unprecedented access to high-reward, high-dopamine stimuli: drugs, food, news, gambling, shopping, gaming, texting, sexting, Facebooking, Instagramming, YouTubing, tweeting . . . The increased numbers, variety, and potency is staggering. The smartphone is the modern-day hypodermic needle, delivering digital dopamine 24/7 for a wired generation. As such we’ve all become vulnerable to compulsive overconsumption.

In Dopamine Nation, Dr. Anna Lembke, psychiatrist and author, explores the exciting new scientific discoveries that explain why the relentless pursuit of pleasure leads to pain . . . and what to do about it. Condensing complex neuroscience into easy-to-understand metaphors, Lembke illustrates how finding contentment and connectedness means keeping dopamine in check. The lived experiences of her patients are the gripping fabric of her narrative. Their riveting stories of suffering and redemption give us all hope for managing our consumption and transforming our lives. In essence, Dopamine Nation shows that the secret to finding balance is combining the science of desire with the wisdom of recovery.
Notice: Dopamine Nation, paperback edition, will be distributed through Amazon and you will receive an email voucher after registration. No refunds or credit will be given for unused vouchers. If you cancel your registration you will not receive a refund for your voucher.

Program Schedule (Times MST)

Times shown are Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Morning – Thursday, April 18, 2024

Morning Session
8:30 am MST
(7:30am PT
10:30am ET)


  • Data: Analyze the type, quantity, and frequency of common substances and/or behaviors (gambling, gaming, sex) to enhance client/patient awareness and assist with data informed discussions of risk. 
  • Objectives: Explore reasons that clients/patients use substances and behaviors as well as the gap between intentions and outcomes. 
10:15 am 15 Minute Break
10:30 am
  • Problems: Explain how our brains process pleasure and pain, and how chronic exposure to intoxicants tilts the hedonic (joy) set-point to the side of pain, contributing to depression, anxiety, and craving (i.e. the neuroscience of addiction).
  • Abstinence and Asceticism: Prepare the patient for a dopamine fast using self-binding strategies to reset reward pathways. Explore the science of hormesis: Using pain to treat pain. 
12:15 pm Break for Lunch

Afternoon – Thursday, April 18, 2024

Afternoon Session
1:15 pm
  • Mindfulness: Gain a new understanding of the dopamine fast as an opportunity for self-reflection and a time to reacquaint ourselves with boredom.
  • Insight: Describe how radical honesty can increase awareness by strengthening the prefrontal cortex, as well as promote intimacy and foster a plenty mindset.
3:00 pm 15 Minute Break
3:15 pm
  • Next Steps: Discuss pros and cons of abstaining and consider future goals, that is whether to continue to abstain or return to using in moderation. 
  • Experiment: List a detailed plan for consumption going forward and a method of data collection going forward, then allow the client/patient to venture forth and experiment with a new pattern of consumption until they return for another visit.
4:40 pm Open Q&A
5:00 pm End Session
5:10 pm Book Signing with Dr. Lembke

Wait! Add another training day – save 55%


Earn up to 12 CE Credit Hours – Bundle 2 Days!
Join Jenna Reimersma the following day April 19, 2024
All Parts Welcome: The Transformational Power of the IFS Model

$309 to Attend both days live
in-person or live online


About the Presenter


Anna Lembke, MD

Psychiatrist, Professor and New York Times Bestselling author

Dr. Anna Lembke, is Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine and Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic, is a distinguished clinician-scholar with over a hundred peer-reviewed publications. She holds board positions in several state and national addiction-focused organizations, has testified before U.S. Congressional committees, and maintains a thriving clinical practice.

In 2016, she authored Drug Dealer, MD – How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It’s So Hard to Stop (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016), a New York Times-recommended book on the opioid epidemic. Dr. Lembke also featured prominently in the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, shedding light on the impact of social media on our lives. Her instant New York Times Bestseller Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence (Dutton/Penguin Random House, August 2021), delves into moderating compulsive overconsumption in our dopamine-driven world.


Continuing Education

Continuing Education & Course Completion Requirements

Please note that while we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding continuing education (CE) approvals, you, as a participant in this program, are responsible for verifying specific needs for your license. Requirements and instructions may vary depending on the accrediting bodies, professional organizations affiliated with your license, and each state’s licensing board. We try to align our workshops with relevant guidelines and standards issued by approved professional organizations listed below. However, confirming that the content and CE hours offered by our workshops meet the specific criteria set forth by your licensing board or organization is advisable. While these are general guidelines, 

  1. Attendance and Completion: Attendees must participate in the entire workshop to be eligible for CE hours. No partial credit will be given. This includes timely arrival to each session and staying for the entire duration the workshop/training sessions.
  2. Verification of Attendance: You are required to follow a sign-in and sign-out process to verify attendance. Instructions will be given to your for your program. 
  3. Evaluation and Feedback: Attendees must complete an evaluation form or survey at the end of the workshop not later than 7 days after the program.
  4. Professional Responsibility: Attendees determine whether the workshop aligns with their professional development needs and whether the content applies to their practice. It is important to emphasize that the completion certificate does not imply endorsement or certification of any specific technique, intervention, or approach.
  5. Course Certificate: There is no additional charge to receive a PDF completion certificate for this training. Attendees will select to receive one certificate from an associate that approved this program or one general certificate of completion. The evaluation form on the last day of the training will allow you to designate the association, your full name and your license number as it should appear on your certificate.

Check back on this page as more CE information and approvals may be added leading up to the program.

NBCC –Suncrest Counseling P.C. has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7258. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Suncrest Counseling P.C. is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs. ACEP No. 7258 6 CE Hours
Social Workers
NASW –This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886691963-9550) for 6 continuing education contact hours. #886691963-9550 6 CE Contact Hours
NASW-NJ – This course, Dopamine Demystified: Evidence Based Strategies to Foster Client Change in the Age of Overconsumption, Approval #20231205-2, provided by Suncrest Counseling is approved for continuing education by the New Jersey Social Work Continuing Education Approval Collaborative, which is administered by NASW-NJ. CE Approval Collaborative Approval Period: through August 31, 2024. New Jersey social workers will receive 6 clinical CE credits for participating in this course. 20231205-2 6 Clinical CE Credits
OPA-MCE – Suncrest Counseling is an Ohio Psychological Association – Mandatory Continuing Education Approved Provider. Provider #562578009 6 CE Credits
UPA – This program is approved by the Utah Psychological Association for 6 Continuing Education Credits N/A 6 CE Credits
Marriage & Family Therapist
UAMFT – This program is approved by the Utah Association of Marriage and Family Therapists for 6 Continuing Education Credit Hours 6 Credit Hours
Completion Certificate
If your association is not listed, Suncrest can provide a certificate of completion for this workshop for participants who completed the full workshop, attended each session, and also completed the evaluation survey within seven days of the training. The certificate will be for 6 CE Hours.


Cancelation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing and emailed to events@suncrestcounseling.com and will be honored as follows:

We can provide refunds minus a $75 cancellation fee if an attendee cancels at least 10 days (April 08, 2024) in advance. There will be no refunds issued if registration is canceled within 10 days of the webinar.

In the rare event that we need to cancel a webinar due to circumstances beyond our control, we will make every effort to notify attendees with as much advance notice as possible. Attendees will be given the opportunity to either transfer to another webinar or obtain a full refund.

We don’t provide refunds due to:

Attendee technology problems:  It is the responsibility of the webinar attendees to test their computer setup prior to the start of the webinar. If a technical failure at your home or workplace prevents access to the live webinar, you are not eligible for a refund. If the technical problem is due to our error, we will consider issuing a refund.

Attendee email issues:  Refunds will not be issued in cases where an attendee did not receive the webinar login instruction email due to issues like restricted emails, bounced emails, or any other system issues. It is the attendee’s responsibility to contact us if they don’t receive the required login information at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the webinar.

No-shows:  Attendees who do not participate in the live webinar will not be entitled to a refund.