Grief is an emotional experience that naturally occurs as a result of a loss of some kind. Following the death of a loved one and adjusting to a major life change is often very difficult. Everyone experiences grief in a different way, and how one grieves is unique based on personality, coping style, life experience, faith and the type and severity of the loss. Suncrest offers counseling to assist individuals who are going through the process of grief and loss. We know everyone deals with grief and loss in their own way, and that adjustments in life require that we to come a place of “resolution.”

Sources of Grief

Grief and loss can come from a variety of sources and for many reasons such as death of a spouse, child or loved one, loss of employment or home, major world changes or onset of a physical disability. We realize that everyone handles grief differently and it is not uncommon for a person to withdraw from loved ones and have feelings of hopelessness. In such instances, a caring therapist can provide a healthy avenue for resolution and closure.

Symptoms of Grief

  • Profound Sadness
  • Anger
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Shock and Numbness
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Weight Loss

Will I Ever Heal?

In most cases the grieving process takes time, and healing occurs gradually. There is no specific timing for the grieving process, and it is important not to try to pressure someone into hurrying the process. It is essential to be patient with yourself and allow the natural healing to take place. The roller coaster ride of grief can be challenging, and at times the difficult periods can seem overwhelming. Many individuals find the help of professional counseling to be extremely helpful. The therapist can offer support and guidance as well as specific steps to make the process more manageable.

Stages of Grief

DENIAL “This can’t be real. I can’t believe this is happening.”

ANGER “Why me? Why did this happen to me?”

BARGAINING “Please take this away. I will do anything to make this not happen.”

DEPRESSION “I’m just too sad… I don’t want to do anything.”

ACCEPTANCE “I am going to be OK.”

Each person will go through the stages of grief differently, and you do not have to go through each stage in order to experience healing. However, it is important to know that if you experience any or all of these stages it is normal and natural, and just a pathway toward lasting healing.

Strength to Continue

Suncrest will help you maneuver through loss. Drawing on your strengths, we can help you achieve your own “resolution.” Caring therapists provide an environment where emotions can be freely expressed. Anxiety, anger, guilt, confusion and sadness are only a few of the broad range of emotions one might experience with grief. Often with a significant loss, individuals feel that they cannot move on. Suncrest can support you during this difficult time.