Our first priority is the health and safety of all. At our presenter’s request we have made the decision to move this conference online via ZOOM.

Deepen your understanding of Gottman Method Couples Therapy…

Suncrest is excited to announce Gottman Level 2 Training. This training includes Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbidities. This training will be presented by two Gottman certified instructors, William Bumberry Ph. D. and Vagdevi Meunier Psy.D. In order to attend this training, you must complete Gottman Level 1 Training.

Immerse yourself in the Gottman Method and gain confidence using the techniques in your clinical work.

Level 2 Training provides an in-depth exploration of assessment and intervention with advanced practical guidance for clinical observation and identifying co-morbidities, including PTSD, affairs, and addiction.  

After you’ve been introduced to the fundamentals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy presented in Level 1 Training, the Level 2 Training will expand your assessment strategies and intervention techniques. This is the next step toward certification and designation as a Certified Gottman Therapist.

At the completion of Level 2 Training, you should have the clinical familiarity, knowledge, and resources to integrate Gottman Method Couples Therapy assessments and interventions into your clinical work.

Training Description:

This workshop provides a wealth of information about relationship theory, observation, couple dynamics, relationship assessment, treatment planning, when and how to use interventions, and working with co-morbidities. All materials may be used in clinical settings.
You will view original videos of couples from the famous Gottman “Love Lab,” as well as video of Drs. John and Julie Gottman demonstrating assessment and interventions in real case examples from their private practice. Live workshop participants will practice using the interventions in role play sessions to help gain confidence using them with couples.

This training dives deep into the Gottman Method approach for treating complicated cases involving co-morbidities, including affairs, PTSD, addiction, and domestic violence.

What will I learn in Level 2?

Building on what you learned in the Level 1 Training, you will review how to assess a couple’s Friendship Profile, Conflict Profile, and Shared Meaning Profile. You will be provided with a toolkit of interventions that couples can use as antidotes to the Four Horsemen and soothe physiological flooding. You will apply six modes of changing the Attack/Defend System in a couple’s interactions, and learn how to assist couples in establishing dialogue about their gridlocked conflicts.

You will learn how to select and implement interventions to help couples deepen their Friendship System with rituals of connection, select and implement interventions to help couples create a shared system of values and meaning, and identify and implement five different co-morbidities common to couples using Gottman assessments and interventions.

Participants will be able to:

      • Assess a couple’s “Friendship Profile,” “Conflict Profile,” and “Shared Meanings Profile”
      • Develop interventions that couples can use as antidotes to the “Four Horsemen”
      • Help couples to soothe physiological flooding
      • Apply six modes of changing the “Attack/Defend System” in a couple’s interactions
      • Assist couples in establishing dialogue about their grid-locked conflict
      •  Select and implement interventions to help couples deepen their “Friendship System” with rituals of connection
      •  Select and implement interventions to help couples create a shared system of values and meaning
      • Identify and implement five different co-morbidities common to couples using Gottman Assessments and Intervention
      • Refine your clinical skills and expand your strategies and interventions in your work with couples
      • Learn to internalize and integrate the powerful, research-based Gottman Method Assessment and Intervention techniques.
      • Gain insight as to when to use these methods and when couples therapy is contraindicated.
      • Gain confidence in using the techniques

Up to 21 CEs are provided for those who complete the assessment of knowledge (through PESI)


Thursday, October 15: 9:00am – 5:00pm MST
Friday, October 16: 9:00am – 5:00pm MST
Saturday, October 17: 9:00am – 5:00pm MST


Thursday, October 22 8:00am – 9:00 am MST
Thursday, October 29 8:00am – 9:00 am MST


* This includes the $125 Gottman Level 2 PDF Manual (550-page Level 2 Gottman Clinical Manual which now includes revised Core Assessments, Supplemental Assessments and more than 50 Gottman Interventions to use with clients immediately.)

Cancellation Policy

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Meet the Certified Gottman Instructors:

William Bumberry, Ph.D

William Bumberry, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 25 years experience working with couples. He has been with the Gottman Institute for more than a decade and is a Senior Certified Gottman Method Trainer and Consultant. In addition to being an active member of TGI’s Speaker Bureau, Dr. Bumberry serves as a consultant to clinicians seeking certification and is a Video Reviewer for the final step of the certification process. He is certified to present all three levels of the Gottman Method training sequence, as well as the Art & Science of Love workshop. Dr. Bumberry is a member of the American Psychological Association and is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychology at St. Louis University. Since becoming a certified trainer for the Gottman Institute, Dr. Bumberry has presented Gottman professional trainings, as well as offering talks to the public throughout the U.S. and abroad. He is an experienced, clear, energetic speaker with the ability to present complicated material in a practical, easy to use manner. Dr. Bumberry is passionate about helping clinicians bring the Gottman Method into their life’s work … making the world a better place … one couple at a time. His presentations are highlighted by a blend of humor, creativity and accessibility.In addition to his expertise in the Gottman Method, Dr. Bumberry integrates Emotionally Focused Therapy into his work and teaching. Over the course of his career he has worked with many of the pioneers of the Family Therapy/Systems Therapy world. For many years he worked closely with Dr. Carl Whitaker. He is co-author of Dancing with the Family: A Symbolic-Experiential Approach, A Different Kind of Caring (videotape) and Reshaping Family Relationships: The Symbolic Therapy of Carl Whitaker.

Vagdevi Meunier, PsyD

Vagdevi Meunier is a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. She has a private clinical and consulting practice in Austin where she specializes in couples and family therapy, couples workshops, training and supervision, and organizational consultation. A native of India, Vagdevi has extensive experience with multicultural psychology, especially eastern influences on psychological practice, and cross-cultural research on relationships. Vagdevi’s passion for working with couples comes from personal as well as professional success in applying scientific research on relationships to help couples repair, rejuvenate, and redirect relationships in distress towards greater satisfaction and commitment.

Vagdevi has over 25 years of experience as a therapist, consultant, and educator and has been full-time core faculty at St. Edwards since 2004 where she teaches primarily marriage and family therapy courses. She has also been a certified Gottman Couples Therapist and a certified Gottman Work-shop Leader since 2006. She offers the Art and Science of Love weekend workshop for couples twice a year in Austin and has joined other workshop leaders to offer this workshop for couples in other cities.As an approved professional trainer for the Gottman Institute, Vagdevi has presented to professional and lay audiences in the US, Canada, and India including the American Psychological Association, Texas Psychological Association, Smart Marriages, Alberta Psychologists Association, and the Karnataka Association for Clinical Psychologists.

Vagdevi has conducted Level I and Level II trainings in the Gottman method every year and has recently begun to offer the third level of training leading to certification. Vagdevi has recently begun to incorporate mindfulness, neurobiology, and positive psychology into her presentations on relationships, and has published a book chapter on Positive Couple Relationships from evidence based research around the world. As a presenter and teacher, Vagdevi brings a wealth of personal, clinical and academic information to her trainings. She is a dynamic, personable, and energetic presenter who blends stories with clinical information in a way that helps audiences grasp complex ideas with ease. Audiences also appreciate her ability to integrate eastern and western philosophies and to inspire audiences with her passion to bring compassion, empathy, and a holistic understanding in her approach to wellness. For more information, explore her website: