Mark Chamberlain

Mark Chamberlain

DATES:  Tuesday, May 7, 14 and 21
TIME:  6:00-7:00 p.m.
COST:  $10 per session
INSTRUCTOR:  Mark Chamberlain, PhD

Each session is unique and has additional insights and material. We recommend attending all three sessions.
Sometimes bad habits persist even when we’ve repeatedly tried to stop. Rather than continuing to battle these urges directly, it helps to wage war on the underlying cycles in our life that support the habit.
In this class, participants will learn and start applying key change strategies like:

PLAY-BY-PLAY: The conflict between the urge to give in and the desire to stay strong usually plays out as a tug-of-war. Speaking, writing or texting pro and con arguments drags the process onto the battlefield of language and logic, giving our Higher Self a distinct home-field advantage.

INSTALLING FORKS: In addition to strengthening our spiritual defenses against temptation, it helps to establish some habit-based defenses: automatic responses that are healthy and life affirming. Then, in the heat of the moment, we’ve already marked common decision points and have practiced choosing the right path.

THE WAR ROOM: We’re not the bloodied, panicked soldier in the foxhole. We’re the general in the war room. We need to take notes on our victories and defeats, send reinforcements where our troops need strengthening, and be patient and deliberate as we go through the process of winning the war.
Whether you struggle with sexual temptation, a bad temper or another self-control breakdown, this class will help you get back in control of your life!