Learn from over 275+ short videos anytime in any session

5-Minute Mental Health videos simplify complex concepts, empowering clients to learn therapeutic techniques and skills for everyday resilience.

You can help your clients learn at their own pace by sharing videos in individual sessions, groups, family sessions, or couples sessions. Access to an on-demand video library allows you to customize client’s learning experiences and show them what applies to their specific circumstances.

Sometimes therapists need a break too. Showing a video during a session can provide a helpful change of pace by presenting short lessons that are 3-5 minutes in length. After watching, the therapist can then process the videos with the client.

Annual Subscription - 5 Minute Mental Health


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Illustrated videos help them visualize tools and learn techniques to overcome obstacles. The on-demand learning topics include: 








Computer Gaming Dependency




Feelings and Emotions


Couples and Marriage

friendships and connection

Friendships and Connections




Goals and Values


Overcoming Pornography & Compulsive Sexual Behaviors


Substance Use

See what it’s all about.

5 Minute Mental Health videos give clinicians a quick illustrated visual aid to teach tools to clients from many therapeutic models. Use videos in sessions with clients to demonstrate ways to apply techniques to their life immediately. Clients can also benefit by learning tools to practice between therapy sessions.

Sample a few videos below



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Annual Subscription - 5 Minute Mental Health

Intended Audience

Clinicians: Social Workers, Psychologists, Counselors, Mental Health Workers, Church Clergy, K-12 Counselors
Clients: Learn techniques and tools by watching videos in session and practice. Videos are a great companion to what is being covered in therapy and not a replacement for therapy.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many videos are there?

Currently, there are over 250 videos. Each week a new video is added. A notification will be sent to your email and push notification on the Apple App or Google Play app.

How can I access the videos?

First, sign up through a web browser. Sign-up is not currently available through the app. Once your signup is complete through the website, you will use your same login credentials to see all the videos in the 5-Minute Mental Health app on your mobile or tablet device.

Is it possible to offer this to my clients?

Yes, it is possible. For immediate access to the library, your clients can sign up the same way you do and access the complete library today. We can also set up a coupon code specific to your organization and clients. Let’s discuss more customized options for your organization and clients. Please email us at 5MMH@suncrestcounseling.com, and we can schedule a time to discuss.

How do I suggest an additional topic for a new video?

We love your input. Some videos were created because of great feedback from mental health clinicians who use the service. Email any requests and feedback to 5MMH@suncrestcounseling.com

How long can I access the videos?

Your membership is for 365 days from the day you sign up. You’ll have the option to renew after 365 days. You will not be automatically charged once the membership lapses.