When the body stays keyed up in “fight or flight” mode, we’re more vulnerable, anxious and most likely to return to self-defeating behaviors such as addiction. Biofeedback Therapy gives us real-time feedback about our body’s stress response. This steady stream of information on subtle changes in our current state of arousal informs us which calming efforts work best. We also get rewarded for slight improvements all along the way, enabling us to reach ever calmer and more in-control states of mind. Biofeedback can help resolve insomnia, headaches, anxiety and stress-related gastrointestinal distress. It can also bring increase peace of mind and self-control.

Biofeedback Process

Biofeedback is a comfortable, non-invasive procedure that most clients find relaxing and refreshing. Sensors, that measure your body’s stress responses, are attached to either your earlobe or finger. Using this feedback from your nervous system, you will be trained and challenged to calm your own stress response by adjusting breathing and thought patterns. Research has demonstrated that this training increases an overall sense of well-being, improves health and helps prevent relapse to addictions.