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    Do you ever hear or see things that other people cannot?

    Do you ever feel like other people are watching you?

    Do you ever feel like other people are talking about you?

    Do you ever feel like other people are laughing at you?

    Do you have any special powers or gifts?

    Do you know other people who have special powers or gifts?

    Do you ever feel like other people can read your thoughts or control you?

    Do you ever feel like someone else is putting thoughts inside your head?

    Do you ever get messages from outside forces?

    Do doctors have a hard time figuring out why you are sick?

    Do you have any activity or chore that you must complete every day?

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    Has anyone in your family ever attempted or died by suicide?

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    Have you ever had a head injury in which you were knocked unconscious? If so, please list your age at the time of the injury and how long you were unconscious.

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