Presented by Mark Chamberlain, PhD at the “Togetherness Conference” on October 17, 2015. The following content is his PowerPoint presentation.

Trauma Response …

• Nervous system recognizes danger quickly, safety more slowly.

• What you’re doing may be working, just takes longer than expected

Physically Calm Your Aroused Nervous System

• Breathe
– Phone App: Stop, Breathe & Think
– Andrew Weil resources
• Touch
– Loved ones
– Massage
– Cranial Sacral Therapy

Use Mindfulness To Accept Overwhelming Emotions

• Be willing to stay with emotions … as you would stay with someone you love who is having those emotions

• Make room for the emotions — expand space inside as you breathe

• Phone App: Stop, Breathe & Think

Tools For Grieving Current Traumas & Old, Reopened Wounds

• Support
• Lifespan Integration
– Use “Somatic Bridge”
• Prolonged Exposure Therapy
• Journaling

Affirmations Can Help Identity Re-Root After It Was Thrown Into Flux

Today, I will respect and nurture myself. I am of value. I will give myself permission to be kind to myself. I am loved and protected. It takes courage to take care of myself first. I have that courage. I am worth it. Taking care of myself will allow me to show up for others. I have the ability to give myself what I need. And today, I need kindness. — Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction

Cognitive Tools to Help Calm Looping Thoughts

• Externalization of voices
• Simple substitution
• Double standard
• Survey technique

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