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Building a Support System

Support System

Often we get asked by clients, “How can I stop this behavior?” Clients can tell us all the reasons they should stop the behavior, but they often overlook a key component for recovery. It is found in one word, “friendship.” Certainly, there is more to recovery than just friendship, but it does play a vital […]

How Couples Start to Heal Porn’s Damage

by suncrest counseling
How Couples Start to Heal Porn’s Damage

From early in their relationship, a couple shared a profound bond. When they were dating he “let her in” more than he had anyone else ever before. As she came to know the person he was inside, she saw his heart and it won her over. She sensed deeply that she’d always be safe with […]

Learning to Trust Again

Learning to Trust Again

Trust is Different than Forgiveness Forgiveness does not mean that all trust has been restored in our relationship. Forgiveness and trust are not the same. Trust requires evidence, forgiveness does not. We might forgive our spouse for past transgressions, but we may still wonder if we trust him when he says, “I need to work […]

Forgiveness is Not Easy

Forgiveness is Not Easy

Most parents try to teach their children about forgiveness when something goes wrong by asking them to tell a friend or sibling, “I am sorry.” Forgiveness is not an absolute science. We cannot expect that by doing 1+1 we will get 2 as the result. Our emotions are not some mathematical formula. What is forgiveness? […]

iphone for Christmas, Be Responsible

Technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate with others. The days of writing letters, licking stamps, sealing envelops and driving to the post office seem like ancient history. With cell phones and other advances in technology, we have instant access to others and the world around us. When we hit “send” our message is […]

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