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You Are Not Alone

by Kylie Bair
You Are Not Alone

This article is by a wonderful new therapist on our Suncrest Counseling team, Kylie Bair. A tall, athletic student sits across from me fidgeting and unable to get comfortable. It’s our first meeting; I’m learning the basics. Loves to play soccer. Enjoys time with friends. … Then I dive in: “So, what brought you in […]

Parable of the Lamb–Beginning of Addictions

by Rod W. Jeppsen, CMHC, CSAT
Parable of the Lamb--Beginning of Addictions

Addictions are hard to stop. Anyone who has tried to change a behavior knows how much work and effort it takes. Addictions often start because someone introduces us to a substance or stimulus, or out of curiosity we discover it on our own. Sometimes it is a combination of being introduced to the stimulus and […]

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