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Grief / Loss of a Loved One

by Corey Christensen, ACMHC
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Grief and Loss If you have experienced a significant loss, you quickly realize that there is typically nothing people can say that will make you feel better.  The loss of a loved one can consume nearly every thought and feeling that you experience making it seem impossible to ever be yourself again. Mixed Emotions Painful […]

Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

by Dr. Mark Chamberlain
Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

You don’t need to be an authority on porn to be your kid’s primary resource on the topic. After all, you’re an expert on the two things that matter most — You unconditionally love your child and know them better than anyone else. Plus, you have deeply held sexual values. Without being an expert, you’re […]

I Can Be the Catalyst for Change

I Can Be the Catalyst for Change

On a daily basis, you work within many complex situations involving both individuals and families. Sometimes you would like to see something in your relationship with others change. In order to be happy, often times, you will want someone else to make that change. Unfortunately, this behavior can lead to feelings of being stuck, helpless […]

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