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Take Notice, Be Observant

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Tunnel Vision for Behavior or Substance One of the difficulties in getting out of compulsive behaviors is the brain is so fixated on getting the high or pleasure from engaging in the behavior or substance that there is little if any time for the brain to be aware of emotions, physiological changes, sensations, mental status, […]

Take Our “Tech Cleanse” Challenge

by Dr. Mark Chamberlain

Dr. Mark Chamberlain’s Taping on KSL Studio 5 When does Social Media Savvy Cross the Line into Obsession? Cathy remembers the moment she woke up to the downside of her Instagram immersion. It was at her nine year-old daughter, Megan’s, soccer game. When everyone else cheered, Cathy looked up from her phone to see Megan […]

The Fear Comes Back Full Force: How to Handle Panic and Trauma Flashbacks

by Dr. Mark Chamberlain

Presented by Mark Chamberlain, PhD at the “Togetherness Conference” on October 17, 2015. The following content is his PowerPoint presentation. Trauma Response … • Nervous system recognizes danger quickly, safety more slowly. • What you’re doing may be working, just takes longer than expected Physically Calm Your Aroused Nervous System • Breathe – Phone App: […]

I Couldn’t Reach Him and the Fear Came Back

by Dr. Mark Chamberlain

She tried to call him on his cell phone, but he didn’t answer. It was 4:30 Friday afternoon. She tried again, no answer. An old familiar sick feeling swept over her. Emily pinched her eyes closed, trying to ignore the tidal wave that had just crashed down on top of her. She dialed the number […]

Worrying––Does it Help or Hinder?

Worrying––Does it Help or Hinder?

When working on recovery there seems to be a long list of concerns — relationships, employment, money, health, regrets, guilt, the future and the list goes on. We certainly have a lot to worry about it, but does it get in our way of recovery or help us to improve? Glenn Turner observed, “Worrying is […]

I Can Be the Catalyst for Change

I Can Be the Catalyst for Change

On a daily basis, you work within many complex situations involving both individuals and families. Sometimes you would like to see something in your relationship with others change. In order to be happy, often times, you will want someone else to make that change. Unfortunately, this behavior can lead to feelings of being stuck, helpless […]

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