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The Opposite of Addiction is Connection


The Opposite of Addiction is Connection As recovering addicts, we tend to spend a lot of time and energy counting the number of days we have been sober. We often look at sobriety as the opposite of addiction, but in actuality, the opposite of addiction is human connection. Regardless of the form our addiction might […]

Take Notice, Be Observant

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Tunnel Vision for Behavior or Substance One of the difficulties in getting out of compulsive behaviors is the brain is so fixated on getting the high or pleasure from engaging in the behavior or substance that there is little if any time for the brain to be aware of emotions, physiological changes, sensations, mental status, […]

Learning to Feel and Accept Emotions


Emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant, are part of our humanness. In some cases, we don’t want to feel unpleasant emotions. It’s just too painful. However, there are times when we don’t want to feel pleasant emotions either. Sometimes we don’t think we deserve to feel good. All Emotions have Value For some, their challenge is […]

Cut the Access to the Drug!


Trying to change our behavior isn’t a simple task. Many times it’s just easier to admit that we have a problem and then not do anything about it. Often we can get loved ones, friends and even society off our backs by simply admitting, “I’m addicted.” Unfortunately, simply admitting that we are addicted seldom results […]

Plan for But Do Not Plan to Have a Lapse


Lapses are Painful It is so very painful when our loved ones lapse. Such lapses bring back all of the emotional baggage once again—the mistrust, resentment, hurt, fear, self-blame, bitterness, betrayal, inferiority, anger, hopelessness, and more. One wife said, “Here we go again, I’m being dragged through this mess one more time. I just can’t do it anymore.” Although […]

The Pages of Recovery


Recently, while sitting in a meeting I noticed that the letters from the name of the company were printed on the end of the pages of my manual. When the pages were compressed, I could easily make out the name. When the manual was open, and the pages were separated, it was difficult to read. […]

Worrying––Does it Help or Hinder?

Worrying––Does it Help or Hinder?

When working on recovery there seems to be a long list of concerns — relationships, employment, money, health, regrets, guilt, the future and the list goes on. We certainly have a lot to worry about it, but does it get in our way of recovery or help us to improve? Glenn Turner observed, “Worrying is […]

Seeing Ourselves as a Changed Person

Seeing Ourselves as a Changed Person

Most of us want to change unwanted behaviors, even if the desire is very small. Wanting change is the beginning. Seeing ourselves as a changed person, going through life without the behavior, is vital to our long-term healing. Working to Change Behavior vs. Seeing us as Changed It has been my experience that most clients […]

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