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I Lapsed Again. My Spouse Doesn’t Think I Have Changed.

by Rod W. Jeppsen, CMHC, CSAT
I lapsed again. My Spouse Doesn’t Think I have Changed

Lapse First, let’s examine the definition of lapse. A lapse is “(1) error: a momentary fault or failure in behavior or morality; (2) gap in continuity: a break in the continuity of something” (Encarta® World English Dictionary, Internet Version). When we think of a “slip up” — a momentary fault or failure in behavior — […]

When I Feel the Urge, What Can I Do?

by Dr. Mark Chamberlain
Balance and Integrate

Our minds are oriented toward simplicity and they are quicker to grab onto inner signals that are gross (obvious and intense) rather than fine (subtle and difficult to distinguish). It’s easier to shop than it is to feel inadequate. Likewise, it’s easier to mindlessly flip on the TV than to recognize that we’re longing for […]

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