Articles from January 2013

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“Building Emotional Safety–Learning to Validate Feelings.”

by Rod W. Jeppsen, CMHC, CSAT
Couple Validation

Part of human nature is to be understood, feel wanted and needed. Learning to validate our feelings and those of others builds emotional bridges. Establishing these basic connections lays the foundation for emotional safety. It is this safety that allows us to go out into the world and accomplish our daily tasks. Validation Validation occurs […]

iphone for Christmas, Be Responsible

by Rod W. Jeppsen, CMHC, CSAT
Teenagers texting on mobile phones in a home setting

Technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate with others. The days of writing letters, licking stamps, sealing envelops and driving to the post office seem like ancient history. With cell phones and other advances in technology, we have instant access to others and the world around us. When we hit “send” our message is […]

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